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With Headlight Restoration you can restore dull, yellowed headlight to like-new condition! This system cleans, brightens and protects even the dullest headlights. The system works great to rejuvenate:

  • Headlights

  • Taillights

  • Plastic Instrument Panels

  • Plastic Windows In Convertible Tops

  • Motorcycle Windscreen

  • Emergency Vehicle Light Bars

  • And More!

Save hundreds over buying new headlights!  Find out how car dealers clean and repair the headlights on their used cars to maximize resale value - they've been doing this for years!

  • Have more safety and peace of mind when driving at night!


  • Headlight Restoration has been proven to improve your night vision greatly (up to 95% improvement instantly) by cleaning, restoring and repairing the cloudy lenses to new!

  • An average of 9 out of every 10 cars on the road today has dirty or yellowed headlights that greatly reduce vision and need to be replaced or  professionally cleaned. - AAA Foundation for traffic safety


  • Your night vision can be reduced by as much as 90% by dirty headlights.  Get your headlights restored by Q-TIPP Treatment.


  • Clean the headlights and have them professionally restored (can be used on police cruisers and department vehicles). "Dirty headlights will decrease visibility by as much as 90%". - New York Broome County Police Traffic Division's Traffic Safety Team.

Independent Review and Praise


We don't use cheap abrasives, polishes, and/or dry sandpaper like our competitors.  These will actually harm and weaken your headlights (and they are a  very temporary solution - lasts a maximum of 2 weeks - that is why there is no guarantee by them and no patent - we stand by our product and our results!   Permanently clean and restore those cloudy headlight lenses!


Keep in mind:

    1. New restored headlights will improve the look and value of your car.  Auto dealerships know this and have been using our headlight cleaner and repair kit for decades on their cars!  Dealers have been using this to get top dollar on every used car they sell!

    2. It will increase your vehicles trade in value and make it easier to sell!  Anything that improves your car or trucks appearance is going to increase its value.  Yellow, cloudy headlights just ruin the appearance of a vehicle regardless of the care you take of it.

    3. It will save you hundreds over new headlights!  The average plastic headlight costs around $250+ to replace (not including installation costs.  Some lenses can cost in excess of $350-$400 each (just call your local Lexus or Mercedes dealer).

    4. It just really looks good!  And it will make your car a lot safer according to  AAA!  Yes, your car is a safety risk to yourself and others until it is properly repaired and restored.

    5. It works on all cars that have sealed plastic headlamps; Toyota, Honda, Ford, BMW, Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, etc...  Almost every car manufactured today has plastic headlights that will oxidize and breakdown within only a few years.  Everything from harsh weather extremes to chemical spills and environmental fallout, etc... will effect your lenses just like paint.

    6. SAFETY - This is a big one.  Your safety when driving at night is very important. Cloudy headlights can be very dangerous.  Your vision is already limited at night and dim or badly lit lenses are the biggest reason for severe night time car accidents according to the Institute for Highway Safety. - See our driver safety info and use New Lite to restore your headlights and your driving safety today!

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