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GT Quartz™ by Gliptone® represents Gliptone's latest advancements in vehicle surface protection. GT Quartz™ uses nano silicate SiO2 cross linking adhesion technology to shield the surface from UV and harmful pollutants while providing extreme depth of gloss. With proper maintenance protection exceeds 1 year.  

  • Produces extreme depth of gloss.

  • Extreme hydrophobic water repellancy.

  • Corrosion and scratch resistance.

  • Protects surface from environmental pollutants such as bird droppings, acid rain, road grime, salt, pollen and much more.

Q-Tipp Treatment is an authorized ceramic coating center. 
-GT-Quartz select offers 3 year warranty
-GT Quartz professional offers 5 year warranty
-GT Quartz Platinum offers 10 year warranty
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